We adhere to Halal-5F principleS:

1.Free from Stunning,

2.Free from Mechanical Slaughtering,

3.Free from Alcohol,

4.Free from Unsuitable Slaughter Men, and

5.Free from Haram Najis ingredients or “Istihala”*


* Haram or najis Ingredients or Istihala as a mean of looking at the Haram and najis ingredients as Halal based on the assumption and transformation.


  1. Setting up Halal Certification fully accredited in Europe and Worldwide
  2. Halal Certification System Development (QMS, Manuals, Standards, etc.)
  3. Global Halal Accreditation i.e. GACm GSO; JAKUIM, etc.
  4. Quality Management System Third Party Annual Audit
  5. Halal Consultation at your location wherever you are
  6. Halal Compliance Audit Second Party / Third Party / Preliminary / Certification / Surveillance / Special
  7. Certificated Halal Training customised just for your organisation / Continuous Education

We have years of experience to help you get the job done. We offer affordable both halal comprehensive packages and customization which includes services such as halal advisory, global halal logo application, preventive and corrective audit, staff training and marketing. We can assure you of a good service at very affordable prices.

The advantages of a Halal certified product:

  1. Able to leverage on the global halal market
  2. Enhance competitive advantage
  3. Provide greater assurance to Muslim consumers
  4. Leverage on small investment cost with huge potential growth

When you want to get your products penetrated deeper for a bigger market share through halal certification, we are here to assist you from A to Z.

See our contact us page or email us to enquire  .


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2660-327 Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros
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Cell / Celular: +351-938719969
Email: info@euhalal.com


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