Portuguese Halal Institute

Halal products in Portugal are certified by Instituto Halal de Portugal (IHP), a body that is run from Islamic School of Palmela, south of Lisbon, Portugal

IHP has the mission of certifying portuguese companies that produce and distribute Halal products in Portugal. The mamagement is composed of 6 elements:

Eng Sheikh Azhar Vali

Eng Sheikh Mahammad Ouweiz

Eng Maria Batalha

Eng Irchad Muhammad

Dr Margarida Vicente

Dr.Cristina Silva (Legal Department)

More information at IHP's website.



Alameda Salgueiro Maia, Lt.4, 1º, Gab.83
2660-329 Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros
Tel: +351-219898410
Fax: +351-219898419
Telemóvel: +351-939318684
Email: info@euhalal.com


Registada em Portugal: CRC 516.333.399
IVA: PT516333399



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